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  • Body Corrective Therapy & Royal Physiotherapy

    Guards against osteoporosis, Strengthens leg muscles, Rids the body of cellulite, Effectively reduces bad body fats .. Read more

  • Body Corrective Therapy & Royal Physiotherapy

    Guards against osteoporosis, Strengthens leg muscles, Rids the body of cellulite, Effectively reduces bad body fats .. Read more

A Founder and Director
Where has she been? At age 63, Michelle Teng YewMoi has practiced Old Imperial Therapeutic and Body Corrective Therapy for more than 35 years. She have been feature numerous time by local TV stations and programmes such as CNA Primetime Morning.Post-surgery therapy is one of the many things Michelle excels at. A former chef, Michelle decided to learn olden times therapeutic therapy from her godmother when a motorbike accident fractured her thighbone and dislocated her knee. To relieve pain and restore movement, the doctors told Michelle that she needed surgery. However, Michelle's godmother, who was a therapeutic therapy expert, strongly believed that she could heal Michelle's injuries through therapy.

After three weeks of intensive olden times therapeutic therapy, Michelle's injuries were completely recovered. Michelle admitted to herself that her godmother's therapy is a phenomenon; she not only had to master her skills but she had to create her own techniques - and just like that she began this new episode of her life. Where was she going next?

A Personal Journey
Over the next eight years, I trained and practiced olden times therapeutic therapy under my godmother's supervision. My godmother's strict training regiment for me was to study and work on sports injury therapy, proceeding onto after-surgery therapy and eventually total body treatment

therapy. I began intensively studying anatomy and physiology. When I started in this business, I had a dream. In my dream, an old imperial therapy master came to me and began teaching me a special way to therapy the spine (cervical in the neck, thoracic in the upper back and lumbar in the lower back make up the spine). This amazing dream brought me clarity and unleashed my passion to learn all types of therapy. I traveled everywhere and learned all that I could. In Thailand and Java, I studied arm and leg deep tissue therapy from the old masters, I went to China to absorb the knowledge and techniques of Tui Na (acupressure) and in India, I became proficient in face, body and feet treatment. As my skills improved and knowledge increased, I noticed that the different types of therapy I had experienced and learned were becoming less effective and had many limitations. No one therapist or technique had all the answers to bone and muscle disorders. The challenge was always to keep thinking, applying and improving - to get to where I wanted to be and then to think of how I could create a more sensitive and effective method to heal and teach others.

To continually facilitate improvement in my clients' bones, connective tissues and muscles, I started changing, adapting and designing new movements. Over the years, I compiled these experiences and information into a comprehensive and thorough approach.

I called this Body Corrective Therapy. Based on a working knowledge of anatomy and physiology along with the sensitivity of touch (the ability to detect what is going on in the bones, muscles, nerves, veins, arteries or connective tissues by directly feeling it with hands). This is possible because when bones, muscles or connective tissues become blocked or injured they take on a different texture or feel. Body Corrective therapy is not a routine method because it adapts and metamorphoses. Every person has different needs and injuries. Body Corrective therapy captures the essence of discerning and healing blocked areas of the body. It is also a preventive method and exercise to maintain the well being of the total body.

In particular, Body Corrective Therapy is used to rehabilitate bone and muscle disorders. The method strengthens, lengthens and balances spinal muscles, thereby aligning and decompressing injured vertebrae and helping to lessen nerve and disc pressure. This decompression facilitates and stimulates healthy circulation to the damaged spinal tissue. This pelvic and spinal stabilization work also helps prepare the body for rehabilitation of other weak or damaged areas more effectively.

In addition to disc and other spine related problems, I had great results utilizing Body Corrective Therapy on my clients suffering with complications from knee, shoulder cuff and hip injuries, post-polio syndrome, whiplash and the tightening of the temporal mandible joint or lock jaw, among other disorders. To ensure that proper blood flows and nerve energy are reaching the operated area, massaging and stretching are necessary after surgery. My clients who are preparing for or recovering from pregnancies or surgeries have also found Body Corrective therapy effective in shortening the total length of time necessary to complete rehabilitation. I specialize in after-surgery therapy including synovectomy, face-lifts, rhinoplasty, lobectomy, coronary artery bypass, abdominoplasty, microdiscectomy, blepharoplasty, breast implants and chin/cheek implants. It is imperative that I find the point of greatest leverage in order to heal and teach people in one session. Body Corrective therapy also integrates into rehabilitative exercises to speed recovery from soft tissue injuries and to relieve chronic pain.

I recommend Body Corrective Therapy for everybody. Body Corrective Therapy can be utilized by professional athletes to gain a competitive edge, by professional dancers to improve technique, by fitness enthusiasts to engage in a refreshing form of exercise and by individuals just getting into shape.I encourage doctors and medical professionals to experience and attend Body Corrective Therapy classes. You will discover Body Corrective therapy to be an effective and invigorating method for your own health and well being as well as for the well being of your patients.

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