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  • Body Corrective Therapy & Royal Physiotherapy

    Guards against osteoporosis, Strengthens leg muscles, Rids the body of cellulite, Effectively reduces bad body fats .. Read more

  • Body Corrective Therapy & Royal Physiotherapy

    Guards against osteoporosis, Strengthens leg muscles, Rids the body of cellulite, Effectively reduces bad body fats .. Read more

The Agony & The Ecstasy by Sharon Eldridge
Harpers Bazaar,
Singapore December 2002

"Over the course of the next two hours, this athletic 63-year-old, using nothing more than a heightened sense of touch and a profound knowledge of anatomy and physiology, will become closely acquainted with my entire physical and medical history. She will tell me, for example, my exact age; the fact that, over the last few years, my diet has consisted almost exclusively, of fish but that my mother reared me on chicken; that I wear very high heals; that I habitually carry my heavy gym bag on my right shoulder; and that in bed at night I favour my right side. She will tell me of a trauma I sustained on my right ankle and confirmed a recent diagnosis from my gynaecologist that I have a small cyst on my right ovary. (She grasps my right "ovary point" with a muscular fingers and I groan in pain. "Don't worry," she says. "It will be gone next time you see your doctor for check-up.")

"She concludes my two-and-a-half hour treatment…with a delightful face therapy…I dart a quick look at myself in the mirror. I actually have colour on my cheeks and. Thanks to Michelle's deft and somewhat breath-taking rearrangement of my internal organs earlier on, my tummy's flatter than it's been since I was 17."

"On the Pulse"
Broadcast 4 January 2002
Channel 5, Mediacorp Singapore,
Singapore's premier television network

One the Pulse devoted a whole episode to presenting Michelle's two strands of work-in the gentler art of Ancient Imperial therapy" and the more bracing technique of Body Corrective Therapy.

Ancient Imperial therapy is an art that is rare even in China while Body Corrective Therapy is Michelle's own unique work-a synthesis of Thai, Chinese, Indian and Indonesian work.

The programme features Michelle's amazing ability to diagnose many times confirming medical reports that clients kept secret from her. Clients also come forward to speak about how Michelle has relieved them of decades of arthritic debilitation, paralyzing migraines, slipped disk and more.

therapy That Hurts So Good
By Joanna Hughes
Her World Magazine Dec 1995
Singapore's largest circulation magazine

"During the course of this therapy, I was walked on, tweaked, pushed, pulled and prodded. Michelle uses a padded bar to keep her balance as she does all this stuff to you…Every now and then she would find a "block" which indicates a physical ailment like high blood pressure or shortness of breath. Sometimes she would frown: "Too much oil in the blood"; "Too much water in the body." (Actually I do have high triglicerides, also known as fat in my blood and I do retain a lot of water.)… Despite the rigour of my therapy (she does a gentler one for the elderly and sick people), I felt absolutely wonderful afterwards. I felt like I could go dancing, and that night I had the best sleep in weeks.

Bliss Factor: 9.5 (out of 10)
Pain : 8"

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