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  • Body Corrective Therapy & Royal Physiotherapy

    Guards against osteoporosis, Strengthens leg muscles, Rids the body of cellulite, Effectively reduces bad body fats .. Read more

  • Body Corrective Therapy & Royal Physiotherapy

    Guards against osteoporosis, Strengthens leg muscles, Rids the body of cellulite, Effectively reduces bad body fats .. Read more

Self-Care Courses - Group Learning

The classes will give you the confidence and ability to listen to your body and sense what it is telling you. This is where all self-healing takes place and where you find the release from stress. Each class consists of Body Corrective Therapy demonstrations followed by a supervised practice session and participants learn a combination of techniques to self-heal. This allows for an informative, fun and relaxing session.

In every class, there is a BONUS healing demonstration beneficial to your body - learn to relief thyroid, Rheumatoid arthritis in the fingers, headache, improve breathing and prevent uterus cancer.

Bring the Highest Level of Health to Your Life

Health and vitality are at your fingertips-through ancient Chinese techniques and a blend of traditional Asian skills.

Spot the source of your health problems and therapy it away yourself before you even have to see a specialist or general medical practitioner. This form of self-maintenance also relieves existing health problems and assists with recuperation.

Learn some of the techniques devised and used successfully by Michelle for more than 30 years. With Body Corrective Therapy you'll learn to learn to locate blocks in your body system and disperse them. Blocks in specific areas indicate particular health problems. Michelle's information-packed sessions are filled with health tips, plenty of therapys for yourself and healthy recipes to complement therapy techniques.

Breast Maintenance Course S$150 2 1/2-3 hours >=7 persons/class

Get fuller, firmer breasts naturally, safely and surely. Targeted breast therapy will:

  • disperse non-cancerous breast lumps
  • improve blood circulation
  • reduce sore nipples
  • promote better lymph drainage
  • align and correctly centre your breasts

Giving yourself a natural mammogram is also easy and replaces X-rays.

Bonus: therapy techniques and sleeping postures for better breathing and a stronger heart.

Stomach & Uterus Course S$150 2 1/2-3 hours >=7 persons/class

p>Give yourself the toned flat stomach you long for. Stomach & Uterus corrective therapy will :

  • flush out water retention,
  • remove excessive flab
  • improve your digestion and
  • promote proper elimination of waste and bowel movement.

Taking care of your reproductive organs-the uterus and ovaries will prevent Urinary Tract Infection and Fibroids.

Bonus:Liver repositioning tips to prevent gallstones and colon care.

Face, Head & Neck Course S$150 2 1/2-3 hours >=7 persons/class

Reshape and revive your face-no plastic surgery required. Daily face and neck therapy will give you smoother more elastic skin, a natural face lift and a more defined face.
It eliminates:

  • droopy eyelids;
  • sagging & wrinkling skin and
  • double chins.

Face, Head & Neck therapy also eradicates sinus problems, headaches and migraines.

Bonus:therapy tips for eyes, ears and jaw. These promote better sight and hearing, and healthier teeth and gums.

Finger, Arm & Shoulder Course S$150 2 1/2-3 hours >=7 persons/class

Flexible fingers, arms and shoulders allow us to perform at our highest level in life, sport, in music and the arts.
therapy in these areas alleviate and prevent:

  • tennis elbow
  • frozen shoulder
  • repetitive stress injury caused by computer keyboard strain or other repetitive movement
  • stiffness from arthritis

Massaging fingers, arms and shoulders can also assist in full recovery from old and new injuries (from fractures, breaks and sprains).

Legs, Feet & Buttocks Course S$150 2 1/2-3 hours >=7 persons/class

Slender, cellulite-free, legs and buttocks are yours! Body Corrective Therapy smooths out stubborn cellulite and lengthens leg muscles. It also prevents and heals tendon, cartilage and ligament damage.
It also has these benefits:

  • heals juvenile arthritis
  • realigns dislocated hips
  • prevents osteoporosis
  • relieves lower back pain

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