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  • Body Corrective Therapy & Royal Physiotherapy

    Guards against osteoporosis, Strengthens leg muscles, Rids the body of cellulite, Effectively reduces bad body fats .. Read more

  • Body Corrective Therapy & Royal Physiotherapy

    Guards against osteoporosis, Strengthens leg muscles, Rids the body of cellulite, Effectively reduces bad body fats .. Read more

Testimonials - Praise for Michelle

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 Injury & Pain Recovery  Back & Shoulder problems  Scoliosis
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Michelle Teng: An Extraordinary & Unique Experience

"The most extraordinary therapy experience I have ever had. Michelle is a true gift to those in need."

Samantha Ryva
Melbourne, Australia


Michelle is what she claims to be-professional and unique. She can feel the temperature of your body even through a sheet. I never felt so good after a therapy. I recommend her to anyone I care for.

Zuhair Abu-Alsaud
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


"Michelle keeps me alive."

Arian Snoeks


"I experienced agony and ecstasy in one session. Michelle's deep knowledge of anatomy, her brilliant hands, skillful movements and generous advice will help you more than you could imagine."

Elizabeth Carlyon
Victoria, Australia

Superb Problem Detection

"I was warned by my friend that when Michelle's fingers first touched my body, she would know all my problems. She DID - even from childhood aches and pains. At first i thought my bones would break but then i began to feel as if i was renewing them. Singapore is fortunate to have her. If i could, i would take Michelle home with me to help all my poor old achy friends!"

Virginia Al-Said


"Michelle not only is a superb therapist, but also a true angel. I have experienced all types of therapy around the world but I find Michelle's Body Corrective Therapy most unique and different. Her therapy is also a preventive method of many disorders and diseases. Michelle can feel your bones, muscles, nerves, organs, veins and arteries and give you a comprehensive analysis of your body. She is the best."

Catherine Lee
Taipei, Taiwan


Michelle's analysis of your body is very accurate, she can save your life. It is a natural remedy and healing. I find myself bursting with great energy, full of zest for life after Michelle's Body Corrective Therapy.

Serene Woo


Michelle is truly a miracle and wonder, she can detect all your body disorders by the touch of her fingers.

Daphne Lee

General Wellbeing

"Michelle is a genius. When she therapys me, she even knows that my eyes are dry; I eat fast and my left legs are weak. She’s all in one: a chiropractor, masseuse and a doctor. She practically corrected all my problems: bone, muscles and waistline."

Aisha Syed Mohd


"It’s like sending the whole body for an overhaul. "

Loh Suk Hwan


"I have renewed faith in Michelle after every visit. More than 10 years ago, when I first came, I was full of problems–cramps, migraine, gastric, you name it, I have it. Painkillers were in my pocket every day. Now I don’t have any more pills, I don’t need them...with Michelle around, no one should need them."

Lew Eng Ing


"Michelle can make you more alive and more alert. This is important for me as a businessman."

Kwek Leng Beng
Chairman, Managing Director


"Michelle's Body Corrective Therapy is superb. I feel so much better."

Rosalind Tan


"Michelle, you are a magician and a wonder woman. I am a new person after your treatment."

Soo Lee


"When Michelle's finger first examined and touched my body, she knew all my problems even my childhood injuries and pains. At first, I thought my bones would break, but then I began to feel that Michelle had renewed my body."

Virginia Al-Said
Muscat, Osman


"Despite the rigor of Michelle's Body Corrective Therapy, I felt absolutely wonderful and I had the best sleep in weeks."

Joanna Hughes
Features Editor


"I am so very fortunate to know Michelle. She has helped me solve my migraine and neck pains that were that for more than ten years. Now I can relax and work better. Thanks to Michelle."

Jeanne Lee

Injury & Pain Recovery

"Had a lot of old injuries from various extreme sports. Tried every possible Western treatment, chiropractic, physiotherapy, orthopaedic surgeons, only Michelle’s therapy is able to help my skiing fall. She’s truly amazing"

Wee Siew Fong


"I suffered severe back pain at the age of 15. I went to the neurologist and he injected my spine. It got better, but the pain returned, it became worse and eventually the entire left side of my body was constantly in pain. For 15 years, I tried acupuncture, acupressure, magnetic nuclear resonance scan and neurologist but nothing works. Finally, I went to see Michelle. After only one session, Michelle cured me and the pain disappeared. I am glad that I can lead a normal life because I do not have to concentrate on my pain anymore. Michelle, you light up my life."

Alexandra Tan
Jakarta, Indonesia


Had lot of old injuries from various extreme sports. Tried every possible Western treatment-chiropractors, physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons. Only Michelle's therapy is able to fix me especially after my skiing falls. She's truly amazing!

Wee Siew Fong


"During a sport practice six years ago, I fell and landed on my knee. Ever since that fall, I had countless painful relapses. Diligently, I seek a cure for my knee injury. Western and Chinese doctors advice me to get surgery, but I could never bend. I became less active because any slight movements would result in another injury. As I gained weight, I also increased the burden to my knee. Refused to give up hope and I decided to see Michelle. After one session, I was able to bend and squat normally. Moreover, Michelle's explanation gave me a better understanding of my body and how to take care of myself. All thanks to Michelle." She's truly amazing!

Wei Chi Yee


"Michelle has cured all the pains in my body. She is what I call a miracle healer."

Sukamto Sia
Honololo, USA

Back & Shoulder Problems

"I am very impressed and pleased with Michelle. Her skill of massage is fantastic, superb and wonderful. I'm still very thankful for her for being able to solve my youngest daughter's neck problem. Without Michelle great treatment, my daughter might need to go through unnecessary physiotherapy when she was about eight months old. I really appreciated Michelle for the wonderful treatment."

Mrs Wee
Clementi, Singapore


"This is my second time seeing Michelle. She has helped me greatly with my back pain. I have a degenerated L5/SL disc and has been experiencing back pain for many years. Michelle has helped me with my back pain, as well as taught me many exercise positions to manage my bain pain. Thank you very much!"

Allan Tan


"Michelle's Body Corrective Therapy is very good. She cured my shoulder and back pains that I had for several years."

Lenny Clayton


"Michelle is a miracle worker. I have a shoulder disorder since I was three years old and after one session, Michelle cured my problem."

Charles Lim


"When I first met Michelle, I did not believe she could cure my disorders, but after one session, the pains in my back and neck had disappeared. Michelle could also detect my high cholesterol level, blood pressure and blockage in my digestive system. The session was absolutely wonderful. Michelle's Body Corrective Therapy is truly fantastic."

Jarkata, Indonesia


In mid 1991 I suffered a loss of strength in my right arm (and) total numbness to my last two fingers in my right hand. A magnetic resonance image scan of my neck by the National University Hospital revealed nothing and I was put on medical leave for three weeks with no medication and total rest. After two therapy sessions in five days with Michelle, I noticed some recovery in strength of my right hand. By the fifth session with Michelle I had regained full strength…The overall result was a good sense of well-being, in particular lower blood pressure and uninterrupted sleep at night.

YC Choy


She is very good for neck adjustment and body alignment. Recommended to colleague and relatives.

Ng Siew Eng
Kim Keat Ave, Singapore


I personally have a scoliosis and slip disc problem for years. I have done various x-rays, MRI scans, taken painkillers and seen many doctors but none worked. Physiotherapy, chiropractic and TCM methods did not work either, but I did not want to opt for an invasive surgery for my spine. I went for my first session, hoping to find a cure for my nagging pain. Michelle worked skillfully with her hands, elbows and body weight. The miracle happened the days after. I could walk straight and about 60 - 70% of my slip disc pain disappeared without any invasive form of surgery. I was feeling energetic and simply rejuvenated. It was a kind of miracle that I was so grateful for.

Sengkang, Singapore


My daughter has scoliosis ,a condition of irregular spinal alignment, and is being treated at Singapore General Hospital for several years now. My daughter had to wear braces for a minimum of 22 hours her day. After Michelle worked on my daughters back treatment, I was amazed by an immediately improvement.

Christine Toh


"I have been suffering from scoliosis for more than 12 years...none of the doctors I have been to have had any success in decreasing my spinal curve. After four sessions, I can really feel that my body has changed and improved dramatically. She has decreased my deformity and made me feel normal for the first time in 12 years."



"My first session with Michelle was a painful experience. Michelle cured my sinus problem when she discovered that my nose bone was displaced and it was the root cause of my frequent colds. She detected and resolved my blocked areas by pushing displaced bones back into place."

Helen Tan


Body Corrective Therapy helps maintain a wonderfully toned, firm and more youthful breast shape - cleavage without the Maximizer bra.

Cynthia Chew
Female Magazine Editor


"I am 5 month pregnant, have been experienceing lower abdomen pain and couldn't walk properly. Then I came to Michelle for therapy. Before the therapy ends, I felt a great difference. Michelle mentioned that my baby position was very low and there wasn't much space for the baby to move which causes the pain. On top of that, it also cause my legs to feel weak. Before I was walking like an elephant but now I could walk like I am flying. I highly recommend pregant women to come to Michelle for therapy."

Cheryl Lee
Bedok, Singapore


"With Michelle's magical hand, my nose is cleared. I do wake up in the morning sneezing and I manage to give birth to my 2nd child cause after my 1st child, my womb dropped. I recommend my mother-in-law and many friends and they have also agreed Michelle has formidable hand which cures all illness and dieseases and pain."

Belinda Thung
Pasir Ris, Singapore

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